Do I have to complete an intake/orientation prior to starting my program(s)?

Yes! Everyone who participates in any of our programs, must complete an intake and orientation appointment prior to entering their program(s).  This enables us to provide you with the best services, as well as answer any initial questions you may have.

How much do programs cost?

Total costs of each program varies, however the majority of program participants pay between $20-$40 per group (for DV services)

Initial startup cost to begin your program is only $40.00.  This includes your intake and orientation appointment as well as your workbook.

Do you have any additional discount options?

Yes, we currently have the following discount options available to active participants:

  1. Community Service option (not the same as community service monitoring services)
  2. Dual enrollment discount for those enrolled and actively engaged in more than one program with our agency

Can I complete my intake and begin my program immediately or do I have to be placed on a wait list?

Of course you can begin as soon as you are able! Our program groups run on an open model and intake appointments are available at a variety of times and locations.

Who can I contact if I have questions about whether or not you are an approved provider in Oregon?

We are happy to provide you with information on how to contact our Local Supervisory Authority (LSA).  This is where you can get additional questions answered regarding our program as well as verification of our qualification to provide services in the State of Oregon.

Marion County: Marion County Parole & Probation (503) 588-8492